Why Hire A Dublin Handyman

dublin-handyman-300x295  Tomorrow. How often do we hear that word. We’ve all heard it a hundred times. But as we all know tomorrow never comes. If your like me your nearest and dearest is a tomorrow man. Shower Rail falling down, Cistern water keeps running, That hole in the wall from the Christmas decorations. No Problem. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

It’s not like he cant do it. He is a tradesman after all. Its just there is always some excuse.

You try and do it yourself, but you don’t have the right screwdriver or you need a drill, a ladder, whatever.

Those beautiful new plant holders you got for a couple of Euros at the sale, are still sitting in the shed for the sake of a few minutes work. I mean how hard is it to drill a couple of holes and put in a few screws.

My husbands favourite saying is. Why waste money hiring a handyman when i can fix it in a couple of minutes.

That gorgeous set of drawers you bought for the living room. It comes in a flatpack and if you have ever tried to follow the instructions. You will need a degree in engineering. Plus of course you have every type and size of screwdriver ever made, Except the one you need.

That cracked tile in the bathroom, How hard can it be to just knock it out and replace it or even more annoying the leaky cistern. continuously running water. It never stops till eventually you no longer hear it and learn to live with it.

I can go on and on, Hundreds of little things that go wrong and can be fixed in a few minutes. If only you had the right man or even the right tools.

If you think being married to a tradesman would solve your problems. Forget that. A tradesman has his own tools which are specific to his job. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard. I’m a electrician what do i need with a tile cutter, a toilet plunger or a pipe spanner.

Now you might be thinking the dublin handyman would need a truck to carry all the tools for every trade, but luckily for us with his experience he knows what types of jobs he is in demand for. and the tools he needs. A proper dublin handyman will have the right selection of tools from each trade. As he is only doing small jobs so will not need everything that each type of tradesman needs.

In my next article I will tell you how to take Best advantage of the handyman dublin service.

Anne Byrne is a housewife mother, and writer. Married to an electrician and a customer of the Handyman Dublin